Fly Fishing Wisconsin Tributaries — Free Seminar

Join me on Monday, September 18, 2017 at 7pm for a FREE seminar on Fly Fishing Wisconsin’s Tributary rivers for trout and salmon.  The event will be hosted by the Trout Unlimited, Blackhawk Chapter #390 at: Blackhawk Technical College 6004 S County G Highway Janesville, WI 53546 Share this story with a friend: Tweet

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Skinny Water Steelhead – Swing Control and Direction.

Swinging a fly on skinny water presents the down and across angler with a myriad of technical challenges. Like larger rivers, runs, pools and riffles occur through these small waters however, by virtue of the stream size, current speeds and transitions occur in small, compact spaces. While fishing a popular Wisconsin tributary recently I ran…

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hens on gravel-med

Fishing Pre-Spawn Riffle Areas Effectively and Ethically in Wisconsin Tributary Streams

Fishing gravel for steelhead is a touchy subject – for valid reasons.  There are two types of steelhead rivers; those that support natural reproduction, and those that exist purely through stocking programs. In the case of wild steelhead rivers, the abundance of fish relies solely on natural reproduction. In these instances, I fully support the…

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Ultimate Guide to Teaching a Kid Fly Fishing

I ran across a recent post on a Facebook fly fishing group where an angler was asking for helping getting his child interested in fly fishing and away from his youthful, digital lifestyle. As expected, the advice he received ranged from basic common sense to extreme beatings and violent disposal of his iPad and video…

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Seek after knowledge, go on to college

Local Knowledge is Fly Fishing College

  Two years ago I decided to visit some of the local trout streams near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where I was introduced to The Way of a Trout with a Fly (thank you G. E. M. Skues). Despite the advance of civilization, the drive was a refreshing tour past Amish farms and rural countryside that, it…

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Old guys cast further, not wade deeper

An old TV show-which name I can’t recall- had the main character make a very profound statement on life which was “Find out what you don’t do well and then DON”T DO IT’. I have watched a lot of You Tube and Vimeo videos lately and have notice that a lot of the fly fishers…

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Spey Me A River

Spey rods and Switch rods are new to me. In Europe I saw salmon fishermen with extra long rods and figured, “OK big fish, big rivers you need a BIG rod”, sort of like boat rods for salt water. Fast forward to today. Steelhead fishermen on the West Coast have been using Spey rods for…

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Hand Tied Flies – Fine Art at a Pauper’s Price

The art of fly tying is just that; Art. Each crafted fly, in it’s true essence, is an impressionistic sculpture where form and function are joined in a spiritual union. While the average fly tier may be unaware of Louis Sullivan’s axiom “form follows function” and Frank Lloyd Wright’s belief that “form and function are…

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