Seek after knowledge, go on to college

Local Knowledge is Fly Fishing College

  Two years ago I decided to visit some of the local trout streams near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where I was introduced to The Way of a Trout with a Fly (thank you G. E. M. Skues). Despite the advance of civilization, the drive was a refreshing tour past Amish farms and rural countryside that, it…

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Governor Snyder’s plan backfires with MI Non-Resident Anglers

Michigan Non-Resident Fishing License Sales Down 40% in 2014 — I had a heated discussion last year with a local fly shop owner in Michigan regarding the non-resident license increase. In short, his opinion was, “Anyone that complains about license costs shouldn’t be fishing.” To that end, non-resident anglers agreed with him and non-resident license sales…

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Old guys cast further, not wade deeper

An old TV show-which name I can’t recall- had the main character make a very profound statement on life which was “Find out what you don’t do well and then DON”T DO IT’. I have watched a lot of You Tube and Vimeo videos lately and have notice that a lot of the fly fishers…

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Spey Me A River

Spey rods and Switch rods are new to me. In Europe I saw salmon fishermen with extra long rods and figured, “OK big fish, big rivers you need a BIG rod”, sort of like boat rods for salt water. Fast forward to today. Steelhead fishermen on the West Coast have been using Spey rods for…

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Hand Tied Flies – Fine Art at a Pauper’s Price

The art of fly tying is just that; Art. Each crafted fly, in it’s true essence, is an impressionistic sculpture where form and function are joined in a spiritual union. While the average fly tier may be unaware of Louis Sullivan’s axiom “form follows function” and Frank Lloyd Wright’s belief that “form and function are…

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10 Rules for Fishing out of a Drift Boat

I love rowing a drift boat. Time on the oars puts me in a meditative state and I become one with the current. Let’s face it, when you’re fishing you concentrate on where you are casting. In a day of throwing streamers or dries, a full day can pass and you rarely lifted your eyes…

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