Darin’s Coho Candy — Dry Fly Tying Instructions

Darin’s Coho Candy is a Great Lakes tributary dry fly for coho salmon.  The fly is intended to be fished down and across stream (on the swing) as a waking fly.  It can also be stripped like a popper to add additional surface disturbance in slower pools and runs.

Fly Material List:
Black thread
1 3/4″ length of 1/8″ OD HMH Fly Tube
1/2″ HMH Large Junction Tubing
Purple Ice Dubbing
Purple Arctic Fox Tail
Flashabou (6919 Grape)
5″ long lx 3/8″ wide purple craft foam (top)
5″ long lx 1/8″ wide of purple craft foam (body)
Purple Saddle Hackle (rib)
Purple Deer Body Hair (wing)

Step 1: Lightly melt ends of cut tube to create bead on edges.  Slide junction tubbing over bead and secure to tube body.  Dub Purple Ice dubbing on thread and create a ball (to help flare foxtail).

2) Use a dubbing loop or tie arctic fox 180-degrees around tubing then add flashabou.

3) Tie in 1/8 foam strip for body and saddle hackle (to be palmered as rib for body).  Fold the 3/8 foam top in half and align to front of fly.  Secure rear section of foam then work thread to head (formed 1/4″ behind front tube).  Palmer 1/8 foam to head and then rub with saddle hackle.

4) Cut and stack purple deer body hair for wing.  Secure to top of fly.  Flatten wing and split fibers evenly to sides.

5) Secure front of foam ahead of deer hair and bend foam upward.  Whip finish and varnish (or secure with UV glue). Trim top foam as shown: